My submission for the Quarantine Jam. I hope I didn't botch the theme too much.

A lot of me

Reach the goal by utilizing multiple clones of yourself to push you up ledges, flip switches, overcome obstacles etc.

How to play

When you die, when the time runs out or when you press E, your current clone will disappear. You will then restart the level but the actions of your previous clone will be replayed. Since you can still interact with this "ghost", you can use actions of a previous clone to help your current clone reach the goal flag.

The game currently has 10 levels.


Press A/D to move left/right.

Press Space to jump.

Press E to switch to the next clone. Your previous clone will be replayed as a ghost that you can interact with.

Press R once to retry the current clone, press R twice to retry the last clone.

Have fun.

The font used is Roboto Mono, designed by Christian Robertson.


Download 12 MB


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Guys, this game is brilliant!

Damn, thanks :)